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Registration is closed

Flag Football

Registration opens August 9th, 2021.

Practices and games at the ROC.
For ages 7 through 12, Boys & Girls
Age Divisions - 7&8, 9&10, 11&12

League Calendar
October 9 - Practice Begins
October 23 - Games 1 & 2
October 30 - Games 3 & 4
November 6 - Games 5 & 6

Questions? E-mail one of our staff members

Coaches Are Needed

A New Way to Play

This season we are trying a new schedule format for Flag Football.

We are starting later in the Fall and running 3 weeks of games but each Saturday each team will play 2 games for a total of a 6 game season.  

Practices will also be different before we start playing games.   They will take place on the 2 weekends (Saturday or Sundays) prior to opening game day.  Once game days begin they will go back to the weekdays.  

So the number of weekends for Flag football with be a total of 5. 

This season will deviate from the 1 hour practice/1 hour game per week that our leagues have normally publicized. 

Because Flag Football starts at a later age,  the activity level isn't constant, and players/parents are more dedicated to the sport we think this change can work out.  



We are attempting to put our indoor sports in the spring time when we tend to get so much rain and put our outdoor sports in the fall when we tend to get less rain.    This means putting two outdoor sports into one fall season.    This pushes football into October and the first weekend of November (but still before daylight savings).  

Other area leagues have had success with running 'double headers' in flag football which will allow us to accelerate the game schedule.  We are aware there are downsides as well and we are seeing this season as being experimental in nature.